Personal-Social Skills:

  • Is your child able to comfort himself?
  • Does your child use purposeful tongue movements when eating?
  • Does your child smile reciprocally at a familiar person and laugh?

Cognitive Skills:

  • Does your child visually track objects horizontally, vertically and in a circle?
  • Does your child pull a cloth from her own face? pull from a caregivers face?
  • Is your child turning his head in response to sounds at ear level while sitting?
  • Does your child respond differently to new sounds?

Communication Skills:

  • Does your child turn to the direction of her name being called?
  • Is your child beginning to coordinate looking and listening?
  • Does your child imitate inflection?

Motor Skills:

  • Does your child continue a movement after it is imitated by a caregiver?
  • Does your child bat or grasp objects at chest level?
  • Is your child raking (fingers against palms) objects to hold?
  • Does your child hold her trunk steady when held at hips?
  • While prone (on stomach) does your child bear weight on his elbows?
  • Is your child rolling from back to stomach as well as from stomach to back?