Personal-Social Skills:

  • Does your child tolerate being taken into a variety of environments?
  • Does your child try to help by running errands on request?
  • Does your child distinguish and name self in photographs?
  • Is your child removing simple clothing?
  • Is your child feeding self meal with spoon and cup as main utensils?

Cognitive Skills:

  • Is your child acting out parts of rhymes/songs independently?
  • Is your child completing simple puzzles independently?
  • Does your child engage in adult role play (cook, talk on phone, hammer)?
  • Does your child understand "more" as an addition to an existing amount?

Communication Skills:

  • Does your child ame most common objects in his environment?
  • Is your child following commands in familiar contexts?
  • Is your child using words or signs to request actions?
  • Is your child imitating two-word phrases or sentences?

Motor Skills:

  • Does your child turn pages in a book one at a time?
  • Is your child stringing three large beads?
  • Is your child imitating vertical strokes?
  • Does your child jump with both feet off floor?
  • Does your child kick a ball 3-feet?