Personal-Social Skills:

  • Is your child entertainging herself with toys for short periods of time?
  • Does your child show an interest in other children -try to attract their attention through eye gaze, smiles and vocalizations?
  • Does your child repsond to his name?
  • Is your child feeding self with her fingers?
  • Does your child enjoy playing in water?

Cognitive Skills:

  • Is your child able to find an object hidden under one of two covers, alternately?
  • Does your child orient materials appropriately(e.g., turn cup right side up, place cars on wheels)?
  • Does your child retrieve toys from container when they have been dropped through a hole in the top?
  • Does your child play manipulate books by looking, patting, pointing or turning pages?

Communication Skills:

  • Does your child point to three objects or people on request?
  • Does your child vocalize consonant-vowel combinations?
  • Does your child respond to "give me"
  • Is your child playing reciprocal games (e.g., peek-a-boo, clapping, taking turns making sounds)?

Motor Skills:

  • Does your child imitate simple gestures such as "bye-bye" or "no"?
  • Does your child use her index finger to poke?
  • Is your child clapping his hands?
  • Is your child pulling himslef to her hands and knees?
  • Is your child creeping forward while on his hands and knees?
  • Is your child pulling himself to a standing position?